Chocolate & Cheese Experience Passports


Weekends IN FEBRUARY * Including Family Day!

Choose Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Experiences from over Twenty Wineries! 

Join us this February for the annual Chocolate & Cheese touring pass program! We are excited to invite you to visit and taste at twenty winery properties including Lakeview Wine Co. over four weekends in February. To maintain capacity control and minimize crowds and wait times, you may visit a maximum of eight wineries for tastings in one day.

Guests may choose from an Individual Tasting Pass (16 tastings for per person, $75 plus tax and service fee) or a Couple’s Pass (16 tastings per couple, $75 plus tax and service fee). Again, these passes give you access to all properties with a maximum of eight winery tastings in one day. In other words, both passes are for a maximum of sixteen tastings. If you want to taste at all twenty properties, you can add extra tastings to your passes. A couple tasting at eight wineries in one day would use one Couple’s Pass completely. An individual would need at least two days to visit all wineries. But whether Individual or Couple, you can also spread your visits out over the four three-day weekends and just visit two or three wineries at a time.

Tastings will be available from 11:00am to 5:00pm. When purchasing your passes, you will indicate the wineries you wish to visit and on what date. (You are no longer required to book a specific time for your visit.)

* if you are tasting in groups larger than eight, please call each winery BEFORE you arrive in order for them to make preparations for your group.

Reservations will close at 6 am the day before event date. We also have designated driver passes available at a discounted rate available on the ticketing website.

You will reserve your winery selection when you purchase your passports, and these will be confirmed by email afterwards. Descriptions of all available tastings are listed here

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