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Seasons Vidal Icewine (375ml) & Cabernet Franc Icewine (375ml)

A truly Canadian giftpack. 

VQA Ontario, Lakeview Wine Co., Niagara

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  • 1 bottle Seasons Vidal Icewine 375ml
  • 1 bottle Seasons Cabernet Franc Icewine 375ml

Winemaker's Description

Seasons Vidal Icewine:

This Vidal Icewine from Seasons features rich apricots and honey on the nose, with a lingering aroma of fresh peaches. On the palate, more complex flavours including honey, ripe tropical fruits and lychee are present with a well balanced sweetness. Soft citrus notes are peeking through and complement the balanced acidity in the wine. Serve this Niagara Vidal Icewine chilled to approximately 12°C.

Seasons Cabernet Franc Icewine:

This Icewine has a rich aromatic nose of strawberry, cranberry and cherry. The palate has deeper, more complex flavours of bell pepper that balances the sweetness. This sweet wine is well balanced with good acidity in the finish.

Food Pairings

Try them with a couple squares of dark chocolate, drizzled over ice cream, or simply just sip them on their own! 

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