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Twenty Bees Premium Winter Mixer

Don’t let the snow get you down! Sip and socialize all season long with our Twenty Bees Premium Winter Mixer

For just $120 (save $35) PLUS FREE DELIVERY, you’ll enjoy one bottle each of our:

🐝 2020 Twenty Bees Chardonnay: A radiant golden hue that shimmers in the glass, showcasing the Chardonnay's natural beauty. The nose reveals an enticing array of aromas, with notes of ripe tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, and passionfruit. Subtle hints of vanilla and toasted oak provide a delicate, layered complexity. On the palate, this Chardonnay delights with its rich and creamy texture. Flavours of ripe peach, citrus zest, and honeydew melon take center stage, enhanced by the gentle influence of oak. The wine's balanced acidity adds freshness and vibrancy, creating a harmonious and well-rounded experience. RS 3.9 g/L

🐝 2019 Twenty Bees Cabernet Sauvignon: Deep ruby-red, with a vibrant and inviting colour that catches the eye. Aromas of blackcurrant, dark cherry, and blackberry, accompanied by subtle hints of cedar and tobacco. The bouquet is rich, promising an indulgent experience. On the palate, this Cabernet Sauvignon reveals its true elegance. The bold flavours of ripe black fruits are complemented by velvety smooth tannins, providing a complex mouthfeel. Notes of dark chocolate and a touch of vanilla add depth and sophistication to the wine's profile. RS 4.1 g/L

🐝 2022 Twenty Bees Syrah Rosé: This Syrah Rosé showcases a delicate salmon pink hue, enticing and inviting in the glass. On the nose, a bouquet of fresh summer berries. The palate offers a harmonious balance of flavours. The ripe red fruit character prevails, providing juicy notes of strawberry, cranberry, and red currant. There is a gentle touch of spice, reminiscent of black pepper, which adds complexity to the wine's profile. RS 4.5 g/L

🐝 2019 Twenty Bees Merlot: Dark crimson in colour this merlot displays a balance of earth and fruit on the nose. The palate is complex with soft tannins that will develop with age combined with dark plum and berry flavours. The finish is smoky with hints of dark chocolate lingering on the palate. RS 3.8 g/L

🐝 2019 Twenty Bees Meritage:Indulge in the smoky richness of our Queen Bee Meritage, with its bold tobacco and earthy notes, complemented by cedar spice and ripe dark berry aromas. The palate offers a rich experience with medium tannins and hints of peppered black fruits. RS 3.4 g/L

🐝 Twenty Bees Sparkling: Light and refreshing, this sparkling wine has a touch of sweetness and a well-balanced acidity. The nose presents candied fruits with light tropical fruit notes and tangerine. The palate is fruit forward with delicate bubbles, light honey and sweet citrus flavours. RS 18 g/L

With something for everyone to enjoy, this incredible collection of wines is sure to be the buzz among your friends during all your winter entertaining! Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

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$120 (6 bottles)

Save $35 + FREE Delivery*

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