Sauvignon Blanc

Posted Jun 11th, 2021 in Winery News

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc 

You've likely heard of Sauvignon Blanc as a wine varietal but might not be aware of how amazing and versatile it really is! Sauvignon Blanc has green skinned berries and is a Vitis vinifera grape with origins in Bordeaux, France. It's an adaptable grape variety, which has helped it spread around the world. Climate has an important role in its cultivation: the grape is late budding and early ripening and prefers a mild climate and a slow ripening season that allows the development of its aromatic features. It can also adapt to different soils although on stony or chalky soils, it shows its most mineral face. It is often produced and kept in stainless steel to enhance its freshness and aromatic character although a few producers allow it to spend some time in wood to give it more roundness. Sauvignon Blanc wines tend to show their best at an early age; so the suggestion is not to leave them in the cellar.


bright yellow colour and an intense nose that can differ depending on where the grape is cultivated. It often shows a citrus backbone with green aromas of bell pepper, tomato leaves, or basil. With a bit of warmth it develops tropical fruit flavors such as pineapple. In the month it is characterized by a good acidity, a light to medium body, and medium alcohol content.

Pairs with:

vegetarian dishes, white fish, as an aperitif

We produce Sauvignon Blanc in a variety of styles - a great example is our Lakeview Cellars Fumé Blanc & Lakeview Cellars Sauvignon Blanc. The varietal used to produce the wines is the same (Sauvignon Blanc) so they have similar base flavour profiles. Both wines are bursting with refreshing, zesty notes of citrus and these natural characteristics are both highlighted and preserved in our Lakeview Cellars Sauvignon Blanc that was stored in stainless steel. Our Lakeview Cellars Fumé Blanc has an added level of dimension that comes through with the toasty vanilla notes on the palate. 

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