Single Serve Wines

Posted Jun 7th, 2021 in Winery News

Single Serve Wines

Single Serve Wines

Single serve wines have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They offer both a perfect serving size for light sipping and are easy to bring anywhere - whether you are poolside, at the cottage or enjoying a backyard picnic. We have crafted the perfect smaller format wines for enjoying all summer long: 

EastDell PET 200mls

Our EastDell 200ml PET bottles offer a shatterproof alternative for outdoor sipping. They are fully recyclable, with a vastly lower carbon footprint versus glass counterparts - requiring much less energy to make and transport​, plus they have oxygen barrier in the Stelvin enclosure that protects the wine and provides up to a 12-month shelf life. We currently produce our EastDell Black Cab, EastDell Pinot Grigio and EastDell Summer Rosé in this format. 

FRESH Sparkling 375mls 

If you love to enjoy a glass of sparkling but don't want to end up wasting any bubbles, our 375mls are perfect for you! We've produced our FRESH Horizons Sparkling Moscato and FRESH Possibilities Sparkling Rosé in smaller formats so you can enjoy your bubbles everyday! 

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