Pairing Wine and BBQ

Posted Jun 4th, 2021 in Winery News

Pairing Wine and BBQ

Pairing Wine and BBQ

Now that barbeque season is back, we'd like to share our tips for pairing VQA wines with grilling! BBQ pairings follow the basic principles of wine and food pairings:

◾ Match the wine to the strongest flavour on the plate.

◾ Balance the weight of the wine to the weight of the food.

◾ The wine should be sweeter than the food.

When you grill meat, you often season it with sweet, spicy, tangy, or smoky flavours so use your wine to balance out those notes. 

Grilled pork dishes are generally more on the sweet and savory side. So, red wines that have high-fruit characteristics such as our EastDell Pinot Noir or EastDell Gamay Noir will pair well.  Grilled beef tends to be more on the pepper and smoky side, so choose wines that will enhance those flavours like our Lakeview Cellars Syrah or Lakeview Cellars Grand Reserve.

When you pair grilled chicken and fish with wine, think about the seasoning, is it herbal or sweet?

If you are someone that prefers a lighter taste like a simple grilled chicken and fish, then try our Serenity Sauvignon Blanc, or Lakeview Cellars Barrel Aged Chardonnay to compliment with citrusy notes.  For BBQ chicken dishes, try pairing with a wine with a little bit of a sweetness like our EastDell Riesling or FRESH Possibilities Sparkling Rosé.

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