Best temperature for serving wines?

Posted May 28th, 2021 in Winery News

Best temperature for serving wines?

Best temperature for serving wines?

We are often asked, what's the best temperature for serving wines? The answer really depends on the wine itself as well as personal preference but here's are a couple guidelines to help you out:

🍷 Red, full-bodied - aim for 16°C to 18°C to maintain the aromas & structure

🍇 Red, light-bodied - aim for 14°C to 16°C to enhance the fruit & acidity

🥂 White, full-bodied and dry - aim for 12°C to 14°C to appreciate the full rich complex style

⚪ White, light-bodied - aim for 10°C to 12°C to enhance the acidity

🌹 Sweet & Rosés - aim for 8°C to 10°C to enhances the acidity & soften sweetness

🍾 Sparkling - aim for 6°C to 10°C to enhance acidity & retain the bubbles

☃️ Chilling in Ice-Water?
About 10 minutes for red wine and 15-20 minutes for white wine.

❄️ Chilling in the Fridge?
About 45-90 minutes for red wine (less for full bodied and more for light bodied) and 90-120 minutes for white wine.

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