Moscato in Ontario

Posted May 21st, 2021 in Winery News

Moscato in Ontario

Did you know we grow Moscato in Ontario?

Moscato is a vitis vinifera grape variety that was originally bred as a cross between Muscat d’Eisenstadt and Chasselas in the Alsace region of France. It is an early ripening, late harvesting, cold hardy grape that does well in damp soil and cooler climates. Usually pale in colour and lighter bodied with florals notes like rose and stone fruit like peach. It tends to pair well with creamy or fruity desserts, lighter fares such as salads, light fish and chicken or spicy foods!

We currently have three wines that were crafted using Moscato grapes:

FRESH Beginnings Moscato


FRESH Horizons Sparkling Moscato


FRESH Adventures Crisp White

100% Muscat Ottonel - Residual Sugar: 14 g/L

Light & refreshing with aromatic floral notes along with peach & citrus. The palate shows notes of honey & fruit salad.


100% Muscat Ottonel - Residual Sugar: 18 g/L

A light & refreshing sparkling wine with notes of honeysuckle, sweet lemon & pear. 


65% Riesling & 35% Muscat Ottonel - Residual Sugar: 17 g/L

Layered with notes of white flower blossom, lime & pineapple, finishing with a preserved peach sweetness.

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