What Is Rosé Wine?

Posted May 17th, 2021 in Winery News

What Is Rosé Wine?

What Is Rosé Wine?

Rosé is a type of wine that incorporates a period of grape skin contact (also known as maceration), but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. The pink color can range from a pale orange to a vivid magenta, depending on the grape varieties used and winemaking techniques. Rosé wines can be made still, semi-sparkling or sparkling and with a wide range of sweetness levels. Here at Lakeview Wine Co., we produce five different Rosés:

Serenity Pinot Noir Rosé
85% Pinot Noir, 10% Gamay Noir & 5% Chardonnay Musqué - Residual Sugar: 5 g/L
Our Serenity Pinot Noir Rosé is a gorgeous soft pink, thanks to minimal grape skin contact. This dry rosé has a palate of intense citrus flavours that are complemented by strawberry and raspberry notes. The finish has hints of subtle tannins along side a refreshing acidity.

20 Bees Rosé

EastDell Summer Rosé

45% Gamay, 45% Riesling & 10% Pinot Noir - Residual Sugar: 16 g/L
Our 20 Bees Rosé is smooth with fresh notes of sweet citrus, tangerine and ripe strawberry on the palate.
40% Gamay, 35% Riesling & 25% Pinot Noir - Residual Sugar: 11 g/L
Our EastDell Summer Rosé is easy-drinking with delicious notes of green apple, acai berries and red current. 

FRESH Possibilities Sparkling Rosé

50% Gamay Noir & 50% Riesling - Residual Sugar: 17 g/L
Our FRESH Possibilities Rosé is a vibrant pink methóde cuve close off-dry sparkling wine. This bubbly rosé features a refreshing palate of cherry, cranberry, and pomegranate. Available in both a 375ml and 750ml size.

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